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I was going to post my kit list.  I’m a bit of a tech head really, but strangely, even though I work in IT, not when it comes to computers, only in my other interests.  So I have a fair bit of photography equipment that I’ve acquired over the years.

It’s a little like DIY really – the right tool for the right job.  Except it’s not though, is it?  It’s ALSO knowing what the right tool actually is for this particular job!   There’s some amazing pictures being taken with some surprising pieces of kit.  I’ll never forgetting seeing a landscape image of Venice taken by Joe Cornish on his Ricoh Caplio GX100 – a small point and click (why does that sound so denegrating?)  I don’t know whether it had been heavily processed – I suspect not – but I had that camera at one point, and, frankly, all I managed with it was noisy s**t.  That was because I only bothered using it at night as a carry around, instead of my heavy, bulky SLR, so I ended up forming a poor opinion, quite incorrectly.  I certainly wouldn’t have chosen that camera if I was in Venice and it was daytime.  In any case by the time I saw what Joe was able to do with it, I’d already sold it.

So I’m not posting my kit list – how does that help?  I’ll only end up saying “I wouldn’t use X to do Y, I got Z to do it with” only to find someone comes along and proves me dead wrong.  Or show that I have more money than sense (which may be true!)  I will say in my gallery posts what I used when I think it’s relevant and I will post on bits and pieces that I’ve really liked, or worked out how to use better.

If you’re really interested in what I used to take an image, just ask.

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