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Major system recovery

Great, I update to iTunes v10.5.1 and sync my iPad, everything freezes up. Something is using 100% of both CPUs and the sync is stuck trying to “Determine tracks to sync…”. After waiting an hour, and not being able to gain control back, I gave up and switched off. Now, I know that’s not good but what other option was there?

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Fallen | Canon EOS 5D, 1/125 sec f5.6, 35mm, ISO100

Grave of an unknown soldier, buried at Thiepval, Somme, in front of the British monument.

There are over 72,000 names of unknown British dead carved on the pillars of the monument.  Until you see it for yourself, and the hundreds of other, seemingly random, military cemetries around the countryside, it’s hard to comprehend.

In many cemetries, the dead are buried together.  2+ headstones touching indicate that many remains beneath, inseperable so buried together.

It’s incredibly poignant.

Remember, remember…

Firework | Canon EOS 10D, 38 sec f11, 28mm, ISO100

The organised fireworks in Milton Keynes are always worth seeing.  They kicked off an hour late this year, but still had some spectacular effects so it was worth the wait.  This was one of the better shots I took a number of years ago and last Saturday reminded me to dig them out.  Timing is everything to capture a busy sky but without merging too many explosions into one big mess.
I also remember how noisy my Canon 10d was for long exposure shots.  Lots of burnt pixels which was a pain at the time, but Lightroom seems quite adept at getting rid of them.

New blog

Updated the theme on my blog to make it easier to maintain and, I think, more attractive than before.  Still some teething troubles with it and bugs to work through but it’s pretty much there.  It’s called “Chocolate WP” from Theme Forest (opens in new tab or window.)

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My iPad has been one of the best camera accessories I’ve ever bought.  Light, compact, large memory, notepad, picture store (via camera connection kit), e-mail and internet.  For the professionals, a highly portable portfolio viewer.

(Originally published 16/03/2011)

Nothing is ever free

It may seem a little trite, but I firmly believe that if it’s worth having, it’s worth paying for.    T’internet is awash with sites offering “great articles to improve your photography”, all for free – and for every one that says “don’t do this”, there is one that says “do this”. Nothing worth having is free: pay for it in time and money.

(Originally published 18/03/2011)

Enjoying other’s work

What’s good about learning to take great images is not always working it out yourself.  Coming across another amateur photographer who has managed to capture something that really grabs my attention gives me a buzz too.  It’s cool seeing others managing to achieve what they set out to do.

(Originally published 21/03/2011)

Broken camera

Not having my camera is a real jip.  It was new and just over 100 frames and something’s wrong with the sensor to off to Canon it went.  1.5 weeks ago.  I’ve got a project on the go and went out two days in a row: both days impossible to move it forward because of household rubbish bags.  Bad, bad week…

(Originally published 23/03/2011)

Photography eBooks…or lack of…

Every work day, pretty much, I travel into London on the train.  There seems to be a dearth of decent photography e-books that can be downloaded to read on my iPad.  It’s a shame because it’s a fantastic device for that type of medium.  Even the App Store is sadly lacking.

(Originally published 29/03/2011)

If it’s obvious, it’s been done!

Great post…must try some of this out.

How to take photos that stand out from the crowd

“you can assume that a photograph which is easy to obtain has already been taken”

For me, the hardest thing will be overcoming self-conciousness!  I guess that will come with practice.

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